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Our Drones, at the Service of Your Flight Operations

Gyrobox offers specialized services throughout Quebec, using state-of-the-art aerial devices. Certified by Transport Canada, our team uses versatility and creativity to meet your specific needs, regardless of the field or industry your work in.



Corporate and Promotional Videos

Content creation is our expertise, in the air or on the ground! We combine our passion for good content and our sophisticated equipment to create engaging videos that will grab your audience's attention, allowing you to deliver your message with high impact. Strong emotions guaranteed!

Photogrammetry and Cartography

Our advanced techniques for creating large-scale plans and 3D models will allow you to get plans of your land, topographic surveys and models of three-dimensional structures, in a way that is non-intrusive for your activities.

Event Coverage and Live Streaming

Are you organizing a festival, a show, a sporting event or any other gathering activity? We'll cover your event while ensuring you get as much content as possible to maximize its impact, including live streaming!

Structural Inspection

Our drones will easily reach the least accessible spaces to efficiently carry out your residential, commercial and industrial inspections. Roofs, structures, dams and monuments to inspect will no longer have secrets for you!

Tailor-Made Solutions

Do you have a project that goes beyond the services we just covered? We are all ears. Tell us more about your ideas for documentaries, fiction projects or other audacious projects you have. We’ll be thrilled to listen and help you create what you have in mind!

Notre Equipe

Our Team


Jérôme Duford

Chief Pilot - Director of Operations

Fascinated by aviation since childhood, Jérôme began his aerial journey by becoming an airplane pilot, then a commercial helicopter pilot. After a few years in the field, he discovered an interest in film production: that’s when he became continuity supervisor on film sets. He then turned to drones to combine his two passions: cinema and the sky!


Highly qualified and very versatile, Jérôme is determined to put his creativity and professionalism at your disposal. Safety and well-being of others are his priorities. He will ensure everyone's comfort and satisfaction through all his operations!


Adam Francoeur

Artistic Director - Business Development

Having worked in content creation for 6 years now, Adam knows video and photography like the back of his hand. Always attentive to the needs and preferences of his clients, he is endowed with project management skills that have led him to work with all the largest real estate agencies in the area!


His academic background in graphic design allows him to optimize the content so that it meets the highest aesthetic standards, while his great skills in development and project management have earned him fruitful business relationships. Adam will lead your project to achieve remarkable results, every single time!

Why Gyrobox?


3 Times Certified by
Transport Canada

Gyrobox is one of the only drone operators in Quebec to hold single-engine aircraft and commercial helicopter licenses: an additional qualification that enhances the overall excellence of all our operations.


Whatever the location and type of drone operation you need, Gyrobox travels all over the province of Quebec. We will take care of obtaining all the necessary authorizations from the authorities concerned such as Transport Canada, Nav Canada and Industry Canada.


Gyrobox pays particular attention to safety. People, equipment, surrounding buildings and other aircrafts will be cared for and protected, throughout all of our activities. Each operation is accompanied by commercial civil liability insurance.

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